Ricky Frank classes in Fayetteville, NC, April 19-23.

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    1)      Ricky Frank is coming to Fayetteville to teach two enameling classes.  Location:  All Things By Hand, 1216 Ft. Bragg Blvd.
    a) 19-20 April (Fri-Sat)  Beginning Enameling.  Up to $250, deposit of $125.
    b) 21-23 April (Sun-Tue)  Intermediate Enameling.  Up to $375, deposit of $125.
    Checks are to be sent to All Things by Hand, made out to “Ricky Frank”.
    The prices are listed as “up to” an amount.  If both the classes fill up completely, the price will drop.  Basically, we hire his time and divide the total cost on a per student per class day basis.


    2)      Ricky will be bringing two Paragon SC-2 kilns to the workshop, window in the door, plus 7” ceramic shelf for protecting the kiln floor.  He’ll use them for the class and then sell them as demo units.  Price, $565.     If you want seriously want one, let me know.  He might be able to bring a few more.