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  • Plique-a-jour trick

    I took Marcus Synot's course at the enamel conference in September 2011.    I have fallen in love with his technique.  I am using cloisonne wire for my skeleton and structure for the enamel.  I never thought I could solder wire that small without melting it, but he taught us a trick. We used a hard ...
  • grinding lumps

    Hey all of you enamelists out there.  Just a question I have, sort of taking a poll here.  What type of Mortar & Pestle do you use?  Ricky F uses an aluminum oxide M & P, but they are very expensive.  I looked up agate m&ps and they are less expensive, but not by much. Anyone else out th...
  • website Link for grains of glass

    Hi Trish,   I have found the website link for grains of glass.  Just copy and paste this into your own website.     I don't know what the ning is, but this works.
  • link to Gof G

    Hi Trish,   Is there a link to this group that I may post on my website?
  • enamel 40 grit

    I noticed that in the Faure style of enamel workshop that was held last year it was mentioned the use of 40 grit enamel.  Where does one find that?   Also,  Does anyone know what the status of Ninomya enamels is since the earthquake and disasters in Japan?   Yes, I missed everyone this year, but I a...