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Plique-a-jour trick

  • I took Marcus Synot's course at the enamel conference in September 2011.    I have fallen in love with his technique.  I am using cloisonne wire for my skeleton and structure for the enamel.  I never thought I could solder wire that small without melting it, but he taught us a trick.

    We used a hard solder/flux mix in a plunger with a holder that made pressing the plunger "easy". Without  the plunger all I wanted to do was cuss.  Anyway,  I have found a supplier.  Stuller carries the holder with their own brand of solder.

    I found it interesting using the hard solder as I have always used IT and I don't like using Eutectic (I don't know why, just don't)

    I warm the area I need to solder, press the plunger and the solder comes out and spreads in the area I want it to go.  When the metal is not warm, I get a "chunk" of solder and more than I wanted.

    If you are unable to order from Stuller, just let me know and we can work something out.