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Fine Art Enamellists - Pat Johnson

  • This blog is designed to acquaint readers with the work of enamellists who are working in fine art, that is, representational and abstract images designed to deliver a specific message or emotional tone , as opposed to decorative art.

    Pat Johnson

    Pat Johnson lives and works in London, UK.  She works on copper and steel panels.  She has done some very large enamels on steel panels for outdoor display.  Her displays have been installed in parks and on two cruise ships.  Her colorful enamels stand out in the North Atlantic climate of cloudy skies and drizzly days.

    Pat Johnson’s enamels at the Chelsea Flower Show

    We are emphasizing her work on steel panels since this is her prominent contribution to the use of enamel in Fine Arts.  Her panels are quite large and a series of adjacent panels makes quite a display of the medium.  She works on these steel panels with a spray gun to apply industrial liquid enamel as well as jewelry enamel which is sifted on.  She fires her enamels at an industrial plant, Burnham Signs, which has made it’s kiln facilities available to her.

    Here are two sets of large steel panels which were displayed at the Chelsea Flower Show.

    The large scale of Pat’s steel panels can be seen here.

    This abstract seascape in a wave shape was installed on a cruise ship.

    “Snail Shell” enamel on steel 47 x 63 inches.

    “Abstract” jewelry enamel on steel 30 x 42 inches.