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  • Gesine Garz
    Gesine Garz Hi Sharon, I love this piece. Great composition!
    April 6, 2010
  • Sharon Scalise
    Sharon Scalise Michele,
    I was thinking about the stippling texture - and if you don't have a Gravermax then you might be able to get a simular effect with a tiny customized polished-tipped bit/burr used in a hammer handpiece.

    It's not hard to make custom chasing tools...  more
    March 2, 2010
  • Sharon Scalise
    Sharon Scalise Thank you for Michele glad that you like it.

    The "Stairs Path" were done by sawing out and texturing a pieces of 18 or 20 gauge Sterling, and chasing the lines in with a custom made chasing tool and then filing them a bit more until they seemed to give...  more
    February 22, 2010
  • Michele Huppert
    Michele Huppert I love the texture you have created in the silver - would you be willng to share your technique?
    Michele Huppert
    February 20, 2010